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Portraits with soul.

Anyone can capture a photo. Some people can capture a nice photo. I will capture a photo that has a soul.

My name is Adam, in the Internet for almost 15 years - Predi. You may call me either:-) I live in Ivyland, PA.

My great adventure with photography started back in Poland (where I come from) when I was 7. I got my first point-and-shoot simple film camera and almost immediately started shooting pictures that others liked! A few years later I got my first SLR camera and soon became familiar with it.

I read a lot about and soon there weren't many secrets to reveal. As I had a million jobs at the time, many of them gave me abilities to shoot different situations. As one of my jobs concerned early-school education, I took portraits children of different ages and portraits have become my favorite subject. Besides, I love shooting macrophotography, animals and HDR's.

Within portrait photography, I definitely prefer outdoor than indoor. I just hate all those shots with fake backgrounds, especially with children - if photography is supposed to capture moments of our life, do we imagine children sitting in a studio with lots of hot light bulbs around, artificial scenery, trying to make a 'nice face'? Nor me it's not natural I just don't do it.

Photography is not my only passion. Besides I love theology, pedagogy, science; good music, good movies, good books and time spent with family and friends!



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Family photography

You don't want to miss the way they look today. They will never look the same. And these missing teeth, unfortunately. will grow again.


And you'll be able be in this special day anytime you want.

Special Occasions

What do you remember from your 18th birthday? It depends on the pictures you took..


You can do lots of mouth dropping set ups. Plus the countless computer special effects. We know them all.


Predi says, 'Hi!'

It's worth capturing

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The way you look...

The way you smile...

The way you love...

The way you make me laugh...

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or call 2096-PREDI (209-677-7334)



  • Sitting Fee $150.00
  • Per additional hour $100.00
  • CD/DVD with watermarked pictures $20.00
  • CD/DVD with originals $500.00
  • slideshow/presentation $60.00
  • Prints:

    (prints over 10x15 include high quality retouch)

  • 8 Wallets $15.00
  • 4x6 $5.00
  • 5x7 $8.00
  • 8x10 $15.00 /li>
  • 10x15 $25.00
  • 16x20 $75.00
  • 20x30 $110.00
  • 30x40 $125.00
  • Metallic Paper add 25%
  • Pearl (16x20 and larger) add 30%
  • Laminate add 10%
  • Retouch

  • color/brightness $2.00
  • details $4.00 and up
  • heavy $10.00 and up

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