as of 2014

A standard website includes a site in domain (
Prices are estimates. The actual price may vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Description HTML PHP
Single page (business card, redirecting page etc): $400 $600
Website with up to 3 subpages (personal page, company page) $700 $1200
Website with up to 6 subpages (personal page, company page) $900 $1500
Custom pictures (price per one picture) $20 $30
E-mail form $200 $300
Guestbook $400 $600
Own domain ( per year $500 $500
Own domain + emails ( per year $1000 $1000
Website with easy updated photo gallery $5000 $9000
News website with easy updating $8000 $13000
Website with easy editing $10000 and up $15000 and up


The prices above include the creation of the website. The price of updating will depend on the actual work, it may be as little as $100 (e.g. changing your address on the contact page) or...exceed the price of the website.

50% of the total required with an order. You may pay with a credit card below. Please contact me for further details.