The world is full of BS


I've been thinking for a while of making a website dedicated the biggest bullshits known to mankind. There's so much of it that it's hard for me to think where to start.

I live in the USA and I think this place should be especially famous for its BS. Hell yeah, I love this country and find it one of the most beautiful countries to live in, but $$$ rules here like nowhere else. Truth doesn't matter, money does.

Trillions of dollars are wasted for totally ridiculous reasons while there are lots of families where a couple grand would change their world.


Cancer research... well over 100 billion dollars are spent every year, and do you know what the first breast cancer cure was?

Atossa, a Persian empress, daughter of Cyrus the Great and wife of Darius I! She lived from 550 BC to 475 BC and had a breast cancer and was saved by a Greek slave, who just slashed her breasts.

2,500 years later... slashing is still number one treatment for breast cancer.

We also love to spend money to prevent GLOBAL WARMING... maybe there's a way to bribe the Sun because a little change in its activity makes our whole calculations go to hell.

Or cars... car manufactures influenced politics not to invest in railway so our railways are some of the oldest and worst in the world, but we have the 4th highest number of cars per capita... But look at these cars... they use a little less fuel than older versions but all the electronic sensors make the lives of these cars many times shorter... or electric cars... WOW! Who cares that their manufacturing pollutes the environment much worse than gasoline cars. Who cares that the batteries have to be trashed every couple of years. Who cares that the electric power is made in lots of countries by mostly burning coal...


And so on and so on.

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